The Owners


I grew up in Kent, WA and am the youngest of 10 children. Through college, I spent 5 years working in Food Service and Office Administration for a Retirement and Nursing Home. The experiences I had there, developing relationships with elderly people were extraordinary. I felt like I had 200 grandparents! They were all unique, I had regular weekend morning coffee groups at the receptionist desk and evening discussions with residents.

Rob and I both went through the similar experience of looking for the right care for a family member no longer able to go it alone. It was a tough time for both of us because we wanted just the right place for the people we loved so much. We wanted professional care, but didn’t want our family members to feel institutionalized or robbed of their independence. The best thing that came of the experience is that we learned about adult family homes.

Bainbridge Island adult home

As fortune would have it, Rob and I were looking for a new business, one that had real meaning and purpose for the two of us. As we began to research and learn the things that ultimately were most important to us, one thing led to another, and we are now owners of Bailey Manor. We are committed to providing quality service to our residents so that they can always count on excellent care and enjoy a beautiful home environment with good food and good company.


I have a deeply rooted value system and understanding of family members’ needs and wants for their loved ones.

Much of my beliefs about how people should be treated are a direct result of the love and devotion shown to me as a young child growing up in St. Louis. A lot of the core values I hold today were instilled in me at an early age by grandmother and Aunt Sue, who took it upon themselves to provide me a childhood rich in wonderful memories.

As I grew up and moved on to Seattle, my grandmother carried on well into her 90’s with little complications. It wasn’t until her mid 90’s that her health compelled our family to question her ability to live on her own. It was very difficult for me to have my own life rooted in Seattle and yet have one of the most influential people in my life half way across the country in need of care. I understand first-hand the anxieties and concerns families are faced with when a loved one needs care that they are not able to provide on their own.

I will make it our mission at the Bailey Manor to provide the highest quality care available along with the highest quality of life to our residents, so that the entire family will feel their loved one is in good hands. My grandmother’s spirit is alive and well and her lessons on human nature will carry on to touch many lives here at the Bailey Manor.

Our Staff

Mary Porter, CNA

Mary Porter brings over 25 years of private care experience to Bailey Manor. As an integral part of the family experience here, she most enjoys listening to the stories of individual residents while developing relationships with each and every person she cares for. What makes work here so rewarding for Mary is not simply caring for others but the opportunity to offer them independent yet supported lifestyles. When not eliciting smiles and laughter at the Auburn house, she is walking her dog or settling down with a good book.

Kim Schwartz

Kim Schwartz began her career in caregiving by helping to assist an elderly family friend. With fond memories of this special experience, she continued her career as an assistant for a Visiting Nurse service. Working at Bailey Manor has given Kim the chance to enjoy the unique personalities that each resident and colleague brings to the table. Growing up in Ohio, the Pacific Northwest was a big change for her, but she now feels right at home with her new “family”. When not enjoying the company of the Bainbridge Island house residents, Kim bakes with her children, raises chinchillas and has a great time with scientific projects including their very own perpetual motion machine.